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About Us

Glashedy's mission is to provide banks and financial service providers support and know-how within the European financial market by guiding our customers on the path to adopting digitization and automation. 

In 2019, regulators assessed how firms were adapting to market pressures and managing the associated risks. With the digitalisation of the financial sector, firms are embracing emerging technologies. Challenges including global interconnectedness, changing economic and jurisdictional factors are putting pressure on companies.

Glashedy Systems established its headquarters in Frankfurt in 2012. Since then, Glashedy Systems has become an innovative and global partner in the financial service industry and stands for simplicity, individuality and professionalism.

Firms must pursue greater agility and resiliency.  Also, they are expanding their use of advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and innovating technologies. With the digitalisation of the financial sector, the software is a crucial component for commercial service providers. It triggers further risk governance adjustments and regulatory attention in areas including safety and soundness and consumer protections.

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