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Cloud-based core Banking Systems

Selecting the right digital core banking platform for your customer base is a significant step forward. We want to be your partner for successful implementation and integration into the cloud is the final significant step towards becoming digital and fully configurable with automated deployment.

We focus on core banking systems in addition to the implementation of security settlements and control subjects with Naqoda plus the application of consultancy support systems. Open new revenue possibilities and improve the customer experience. Various back-office migrations have also accompanied our team with ourIEasy tool as the arrival and integration of risk and AML software.


  • Migrating core banking systems presents the opportunity to achieve several conflicting objectives at once:

  • Reducing IT and employee costs

  • Increasing agility, flexibility, and scalability

  • Accelerate growth and processes

Implementation & Security

When opting for SaaS step one is:

Replacing legacy systems with a new digital core banking platform.

Step two is:

Deciding how you want to implement the new core banking system.

Opting for a SaaS platform enables you to spend more time and money on your customer experience instead of focusing on IT and security issues.

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